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Triangulation All shapes will be divided into a set of triangles. With the correct facing and the knowledge of only using closed shells this enables the use of simple formulas to calculate overall volume and area. The triangles also enable easy processing for applications based on DirectX and OpenGL. The interface of the DLL allows you to retrieve the vertices, triple of indices and transformation matrices for easy and optimal use of the rendering capabilities of the latest generation of GPU's.

CSG Operations CSG stands for Constructive Solid Geometry and is a popular way to describe shapes that are combined from several more primary shapes. Often the CSG operations are drawn as a tree of the Boolean operations intersection, union and difference.

Triple Store (RDF) The underlying storage of data as well as the intermediate results as half products, polygons, points and triangles and there interrelation are stored in a triple store database that is build upon the freedom within the W3C RDF specification. The speed and scalability of the triple store together with the performance and animation/parametric optimized triangulation and CSG algorithms allow highly scalable geometry (up to 500 million triangles) and high performance for real time parametric behavior and animation.

Parametric Behavior The triple store based on RDF allows practically any data to be part of the stored information. Also relations and formula/script based derived values can be stored and updated. The original data as well as the derived data can be part of the definition of parameter driven geometry. Typically the primitives are parameter driven and can be attached to existing data directly.

Available for Linux and Windows in both 32 and 64 bit versions The source code is C++ code without any third party library. The code is compilable for Linux and Windows and can handle 32 bit systems and 64 bit systems. The boundaries for the 32 bit compiled versions are limited to the 2 Gb application size limit. The 64 bit compiled versions do not have such limitations and are with the current speed of hardware limited to the performance and memory limitations of the hardware.

OpenGL and DirectX independent The source code is independent from any third party library, including OpenGL and DirectX. Applications on top of the DLL visualizing content will typically make use of OpenGL, DirectX or higher level applications.

High performance algorithms for real time rendering of parametric behavior The used algorithms are optimized for speed and reuse of knowledge in previous rendering steps given animation and parametric behaviour in combination with formula driven primitives and CSG operations.

Area and Volume calculation The triangulation of closed shells makes it possible to easily calculate area and volumes from all shapes that can be created. This can be done on top of the DLL without making use of DirectX, OpenGL or any other geometrical kernel.

Animation The possibilities concerning parametric geometry make it possible to create animations by doing real time parametric geometry and change parameters depending on time potentially in combination with parameters depending on interaction of the end-user.

3D/nD visualization The most direct output from the DLL is the possibility to create 3D visualizations, potentially integrated with time, cost and any other possible dimension.