This function returns the minCard and maxCard of a certain property in the context of a class. This function does return inherited restrictions.
If undefined minCard and/or maxCard will be of value -1, this means for minCard that it is 0 and for maxCard it means infinity.

This call has the same behavior as GetClassPropertyAggregatedCardinalityRestriction, however needs to be used in case classes or properties are exchanged as a successive series of integers.


public const string enginedll = @"engine.dll";

[DllImport(enginedll, EntryPoint = "GetClassPropertyAggregatedCardinalityRestrictionEx")]
public static extern void GetClassPropertyAggregatedCardinalityRestrictionEx(Int64 model, Int64 owlClass, Int64 rdfProperty, out Int64 minCard, out Int64 maxCard);    

Property model

Size: 64 bit / 8 byte (value)
The handle to the model. The model handle is static during its existance. Several models can be opened simultaniously within one session. Different models are always independent, threads are allowed to be running on different models simultaniously.

Property owlClass

Size: 64 bit / 8 byte (value)
This attribute represents a handle to the class. The term owl is comming from W3C, the classes follow the expression power of Semantic Web concepts, therefore classes support multiple inheritance. Technically classes can also be distributed over different resources, however for this the parametric library is required as an extension on the basic Geometry Kernel API.

Property rdfProperty

Size: 64 bit / 8 byte (value)
This attribute represents a handle to the property, this can be either a datatype property (attribute), an object property (relation) or non-defined property. The handle will be static during the life-time of the model, when the model (or part of it) is saved and opened again, the handle will most probably be different.

Property minCard

Size: 32 bit / 4 byte (reference)
The minimum cardinality (i.e. number of elements) of this property.

Property maxCard

Size: 32 bit / 4 byte (reference)
The maximum cardinality (i.e. number of elements) of this property.