This call allows certain constructs to complete implicitely already available data Specifically for IFC4.3 and higher calls using the instances of the following entities are supported: IfcAlignment => in case business logic is defined and not geometricaly representation is available yet the geometrical representation will be constructed on the fly, i.e. an IfcCompositeCurve with IfcCurveSegment instances for the horizontal alignment an IfcGradientCurve with IfcCurveSegment instances for the vertical alignment an IfcSegmentedReferenceCurve with IfcCurveSegment instances for the cant alignment IfcLinearPlacement => in case CartesianPosition is empty the internally calculated matrix will be represented as an IfcAxis2Placement


public const string ifcenginedll = @"ifcengine.dll";

[DllImport(IFCEngineDLL, EntryPoint = "inferenceInstance")]
public static extern Int32 inferenceInstance(int_t instance);    

Property instance

Size: 32 bit / 4 byte (value)