This call is named remove property instead of a at first sight more logical name delete property as all content depending on this property is not lost per se. Each properties having the removed property as a parent will now inherit ther parents of the removed property. All property values in the context of an instance will become property values of the parent property, or in case no parent property is defined the values are lost. The return value represents a bit set defining findings during the removal, if a clean removal with no side effects was possible the return value is 0. In all other cases the following bits represent the findings during removal:
  bit 0:
    1  Encountered an issue on input value, i.e. property was not recognized as property or model was not recognized as model


public const string EngineDLL = @"engine.dll";[DllImport(EngineDLL, EntryPoint = "RemovePropertyEx")]
public static extern Int64 RemovePropertyEx(Int64 rdfProperty);    

Property rdfProperty

Size: 64 bit / 8 byte (value)
This attribute represents a handle to the property, this can be either a datatype property (attribute), an object property (relation) or non-defined property. The handle will be static during the life-time of the model, when the model (or part of it) is saved and opened again, the handle will most probably be different.