This call can be used to close a model. Be aware that closing a model will release all memory allocated for this model, handles and strings allocated in the context of this model cannot be trusted anymore after this call.


//   Visual Studio for Windows
void __declspec(dllexport) __stdcall sdaiCloseModel(
            __int32 model

//   Linux, OS-X and non-Visual Studio Windows solutions
void sdaiCloseModel(
            int32_t model

Property model

Size: 32 bit / 4 byte (value)
Handle of the model containing the IFC file, this handle is needed in many other calls and given when the model is created.


Here you can find code snippits that show how the API call sdaiCloseModel can be used.

char    * ifcFileName, * ifcSchemaName;

__int32 model = sdaiOpenModelBN(0, ifcFileName, ifcSchemaName);
if  (model) {
    ...         //  Use the open model to read/write/edit the content
    ...         //  or to create geometry

    char    * ifcFileNameSaving;

    sdaiSaveModelBN(model, ifcFileNameSaving);
    model = 0;  //  Not required of course