IFC Engine

The fastest and the most flexiable solution to support IFC.

The IFC Engine is a STEP Toolbox with ability to generate 3D geometry for all popular versions of the IFC schema. The component is able to load, edit and create Step Physical Files (as well as the XML notation) and their schema’s via its own object database. This includes all currently available IFC…

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Parametric Geometry

Supporting advanced and complex 3D now within reach with this library

The Real-Time Geometry Kernel is a library that enables you to visualize and interact in 3D and/or 4D with your users. Any existing or new application that wants to add 3D/4D to its interface with optimal flexibility and interaction with application data can embed this kernel…

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Geometry Kernel

Add interactive 3D and/or 4D to your application

The Geometry Kernel is a library used within all our products including the not mentioned components made in license for our clients. Our Geometry Kernel is a low level library with the basis functionality needed to do advanced (optionally interactive) 3D and 4D renderings. T…

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CIS/2 Engine

csi title

Text custom description for the CIS/2 Engine

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STEP Engine

STEP Engine text enter here

STEP Engine text enter here…

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