Returns true if the argument owlClass is an actual active class in an active model. It returns false in all other cases, i.e. this could mean the model is already closed, the class is inactive or removed or the session is closed. It could also mean it represents a handle to another Thing, for example a property, instance or model.


public const string EngineDLL = @"engine.dll";[DllImport(EngineDLL, EntryPoint = "IsClass")]
public static extern byte IsClass(Int64 owlClass);    

Property owlClass

Size: 64 bit / 8 byte (value)
This attribute represents a handle to the class. The term owl is comming from W3C, the classes follow the expression power of Semantic Web concepts, therefore classes support multiple inheritance. Technically classes can also be distributed over different resources, however for this the parametric library is required as an extension on the basic Geometry Kernel API.