This call can be used to save a model in SPF Format (Step Physical File Format), this is currently still the default format for IFC files. The file name can be any ASCII filename with a character length of 8 bits.


//   Visual Studio for Windows
void __declspec(dllexport) __stdcall sdaiSaveModelBN(
            __int32 model,
            char    * fileName

//   Linux, OS-X and non-Visual Studio Windows solutions
void sdaiSaveModelBN(
            int32_t model,
            char    * fileName

Property model

Size: 32 bit / 4 byte (value)
Handle of the model containing the IFC file, this handle is needed in many other calls and given when the model is created.

Property fileName

Size: 32 bit / 4 byte (reference)
Address of string containing the path of the IFC file, for example 'C:\myPath\myFile.ifc' or 'C:\myPath\myFile.ifcXML'.


Here you can find code snippits that show how the API call sdaiSaveModelBN can be used.

char    * ifcFileName, * ifcSchemaName;

__int32 model = sdaiOpenModelBN(0, ifcFileName, ifcSchemaName);
if  (model) {
    ...         //  Use the open model to read/write/edit the content
    ...         //  or to create geometry

    char    * ifcFileNameSaving;

    sdaiSaveModelBN(model, ifcFileNameSaving);
    model = 0;  //  Not required of course