The most flexible IFC viewer existing!

This IFC viewer is free to use and redistribute both commercially and non-commercially. The IFC viewer is available in 32 and 64 bit and works on Windows 2000, XP, 7 and 8. It is build around the IFC Engine DLL and all source code is available. If needed also the complete source code of the IFC Engine DLL is available, this requires a company wide license.

In case you change/update the source code and want to redistribute the changed viewer including the IFC Engine DLL please contact RDF Ltd. for possibilities and requirements. Using and redistributing this changed/updated versions within your own company is allowed.


The standard viewer downloaded is a 32/64 bit C++ implementation based on DirectX 9 and Unicode support. When you download the source code you find also the source code of alternative solutions, available at this moment:

We are busy building the following solutions:

IFC Engine DLL

All examples are build around the IFC Engine DLL (under Linux and OSX it is compiled as a library). The IFC Engine DLL itself is a commercial product from RDF Ltd. Both these examples and the IFC Engine DLL are not open source projects, however all source code is available (in the context of the DLL a company wide license is required). The source code for the examples is free to reuse, also in software not using the IFC Engine DLL itself.

More info can be found on IFC Engine DLL