We help you to create easy interactive 3D and 4D geometrical data.

IFC Engine

The fastest and the most flexible solution to support IFC

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Parametric Geometry

Supporting advanced and complex 3D now within reach with this library

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Geometry Kernel

Add interactive 3D and/or 4D to your application

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CIS/2 Engine

Create, edit and read your CIS/2 files with generated geometry

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STEP Engine

Create, edit and read your AP203, AP214, AP242 files with geometry

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GIS Engine

This library enables loading, editing and exporting all relevant versions from CityGML, CityJSON, LandXML and InfraGML.

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The expertise

  • Standardization knowledge on STEP EXPRESS and Semantic Web standards.
  • Technical, complex and large scale geometry.
  • Software development of data store and geometry libraries.
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RDF Ltd. participates in funded European research projects in the capacity of IT architecture and exchange standardization specialist.