RDF Ltd. delivers for over 10 years libraries for software vendors.

Libraries from RDF Ltd. are used by more than 100 different commercial software vendors as well as by many Universities and Research Centers.

All available libraries can be delivered with complete source code. All libraries are written in C / C++ and are compatible with C++ version C++11 and have an C++98 automated downgrade for older compilers. There are no third party dependencies, therefore the sources are independent of  STL, and BOOST.

RDF Ltd. expertise is in providing large data/data-store solutions for STEP EXPRESS technology as well as for Semantic Web technology.

Solutions for (Parametric) Geometry representations and operations. This includes many standardized primitives, including Boolean Operations in 2D and 3D, triangulations, NURBS, Splines, Swept Blends and repairing of boundary representations.

The software libraries can be compiled for Windows, Linux, MacOS, Android and iOS in 32 bit and 64 bit versions.

RDF Ltd. is participating in several research projects and is a co-developer of several (ISO / W3C) open standards.