4CH project aims to set up the methodological, procedural, and organizational framework of a Competence Centre, an infrastructure dedicated to knowledge organization and transfer through means such as training, standardization and inter-disciplinary collaboration. This European Competence Centre will need to adapt to many different conditions such as how cultural heritage is managed, the risks that may affect its conservation and how it may be valorised. Using a holistic and multidisciplinary approach to the conservation of cultural heritage, it will facilitate coordination between cultural heritage Institutions across Europe and provide services and tools to enable preservation and conservation of historical monuments and sites using the latest, most effective technologies with special attention to 3D.
The role of RDF as part of the project is in the implementation of 4CH operational platform. RDF is involved in the 4CH platform project and architecture and integration of existing and available tools, the integration of 3D H-BIM technologies from INCEPTION and the development of tools for storytelling.
RDF also is cooperating in the development of a standard and guidelines to CH digitization and in the tasks to setup policies for 4CH data management recommendations and guidelines.